The college of physicians : the first film is a master stroke you and say why (VIDEO)

L'ordre des médecins : ce premier film est un coup de maitre et on vous dit pourquoi (VIDEO)

The tearing of a doctor facing the death of his mother. This first film in bright upset. Jérémie Rénier as a doctor who loses its bearings, there is one of his finest roles. Our blow of heart.

A pulmonologist loses foot when her mother is admitted for a recurrence of cancer in a service nearby. Accustomed to control his emotions in front of his patients, at the risk of the coldness, the professional who has the habit of rubbing shoulders with death, sees all his certainties shattered. The order of doctors -what a beautiful title!- becomes the course of intimate heart-wrenching to a son who finds himself suddenly prey to the irrepressible desire to save one life was given to him and must accept his end, even when he is there to cure and to heal. Jérémie Rénier, of all the scenes, brings to this doctor all of a sudden helpless, an extraordinary density.

In the past year, Small farmer, the first film ofHubert Charuel had created the surprise at the Caesars where this oppressive e thriller the rural background of the crisis of the mad cow disease, had received the prize for the best first work, best actor for Swann Arlaud and best actress in a supporting role for Sara Giraudeau. The order of physicians is of this ilk. The first film is also a master stroke of which the density and humanity are compounded by the power of lived experience. The young director David Roux is not a doctor, but his family, yes, with parents, department heads, and a brother, pulmonologist. Tapping into this potting family, he was inspired by his own brother, doctor in the intensive care unit, and of the death of their mother, to weave a first force, humanist, and light, away from any pathos. “The film is directly inspired by the period when my mother was sick, tells David Roux. While our mother was hospitalized in a critical state, my brother had the announce of a cancer in a patient at about the same age. While it was doing this every day, all of a sudden, in this situation, with our mother so badly, it was more like. There was, in this clash between the professional and the intimate, something unfathomable.

As Thomas Lilti (First year, Hippocrates), which will fail the compare, David Roux made the hospital a full-fledged character, where time runs differently, between gestures and routine shots rush. It is both a mental space and a place sprawling where we get lost, like the corridors without end of the basement where the doctors are fleeing, the time of a joint, the stress of the service.

In this place where everything can very soon become a question of life or death, Jérémie Renier impressive cador of medicine in the effectiveness of the sickle, which is found in the skin of a son, weakened by the illness of his mother (Marthe Keller, overwhelming) and ready to try anything to save her, against all logic, medical. Surrounded by a supporting cast strong, Zita Hanrot internally compassionate and Maud Wyler sister devastated, the former child prodigy of the brothers Dardenne (The promise) has here one of his finest roles.