The coach of Scotland U-21 Scott Gemmell: Ukraine once again proved their strength – news ZIK.UA

Тренер збірної Шотландії U-21 Скотт Джеммілл: Україна ще раз довела свою силу – новини ZIK.UA

Head coach Roland U-21 football Scott Gemmell commented on the defeat of his team in qualifying match for Euro 2019 Ukraine (1:3).

Youth team of Ukraine U-21 have won an important match selection for Euro 2019 with a team of Scotland – 3:1. The guest’s coach Scott Gemmill at the postgame press conference told the media about his impressions of the match.

– Are you satisfied with the result and the play of his team?

– Of course, not satisfied with the result. But I liked, that improved our team compared to the first match with the Ukrainians. Today we played much better against a serious team like Ukraine. However, our opponent once again proved their strength, and we, of course, upset.

– In this game, Scotland have missed a lot of chances. Why did this happen?

– There are times that depend on the players. And today they have shown themselves not the best way. This was particularly evident in the example of standards. We give a lot of attention to this component of the game and a lot of working on them. Why today we do not best acted on is a question of standards.

– In the first half Scotland played better for Ukraine. In the second game completely turned upside down. Why did this happen?

– Such was the reaction of the players to going a goal midway through the first half. In the second half, there were periods when our team tried to play the game. Even the second goal gave us that impression from a psychological point of view. Probably didn’t have enough experience.

– Not the first time that Scotland fails the qualification. But in qualifying there were some good matches. How do you assess the current qualifying tournament?

– If to compare with the team that I started working, my players have improved considerably. It’s good when guys go from one youth team to another. There are lots of performers who claim to speech in the national team. From this point of view, the current selection was successful.

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