The Chinese on the moon were not: the first evidence

Китайцы на Луне не были: появились первые доказательства

After viewing the pictures side of the moon made by the lunar Rover “Chang’e-4”, writer of the China Taipei came to the conclusion that the device was never on our natural satellite.

Doubts crept into his head men, when he noticed a strange line in the lunar dust. It is reported portal

It should be noted that in the Chinese advances also doubted Scott Waring, a famous ufologist.

On one picture shows a line of stage layout. Apparently, the creators of “film” and forgot to erase the pointer, where it should be Rover, according to the script.

Also UFO researcher drew attention to the unnatural moonscape: it why-that there are no stones. This implies that all materials are rigged.

Some experts, in turn, doubt that the Chinese did not notice the strip. Rather, it is a hollow in the moon dust or simply distortion when taking pictures. Scientists in China are not dumb, so they wouldn’t leave stupid evidence in the form of white stripes.

Китайцы на Луне не были: появились первые доказательства