The Chinese have created a mini-house for your stay on Mars

Китайцы создали мини-дом для проживания на Марсе 

Chinese design Studio Open Architecture and the company Xiaomi unveiled a prototype of a minimalist home for living on Mars.

Reported by Designboom.

A module called the Mars Case has dimensions of only 2.4 x 2.4 x 2 meters.

It is noted that the house with natural circulation of energy to completely recycles waste. Water, air and energy will circulate in a closed ecosystem, minimising the resources consumed.

Provides the ability to sync with Xiaomi products and remote control from your smartphone.

The us space Agency NASA has previously summed up the three-year competition of projects of development of Mars by selecting five winners. According to the contest conditions, the participants developed projects of construction on Mars, using 3D printing from local or renewable materials.

We will remind, NASA has announced a competition in 2015, in partnership with Bradley University. The competition was attended by 18 teams of engineers and architects from around the world. The competition was aimed at creating building concepts on Mars for the first settlers. The teams had to propose a method of constructing buildings with an area of about 90 sq m In July 2019, the winners are required to build the proposed model in actual size on Earth. Each of the winning teams will receive $100 thousand

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