The Chinese found an ancient tomb with “alien”

Китаец нашел древнюю гробницу с «пришельцами» 

Scientists for decades trying to figure out from whom came the people. The most common version – from monkeys.

Write about the Paranormal news.

According to the Bible, we were created by a Higher power. Third theory: we are the creation of aliens, who in ancient times lived on the planet. Developed civilizations from other planets, the stories of conspiracy, visited the Ground and gave a start to the human race.

In China in the same cave, located in the mountains of kun-Kett, one scientist found a strange disc-shaped discs, the age of which amounted to more than ten thousand years. The find was made by archaeologist Chi PU in 1937. Then the scientist was hiding from the storm, when he saw in the dungeon a couple of tombs.

In the cave were buried the strange creatures, their growth did not exceed one meter. Rather, it was the aliens. On the disks could describe the history of the crash of a flying saucer. The aliens, when he was forced to make a stop on the Ground, and gave the natives the secret knowledge. It happened at about the 8th Millennium BC.

Earlier, an elderly woman captured in the garden of a stranger.

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