The case against the NAB officials: do not try to run to Tymoshenko?

Дела НАБУ против чиновников: Чтобы не вздумали бежать к Тимошенко?

Groisman, Grinevich, Poltorak, Klitschko, Lutsenko, Yatseniuk, Petrenko became defendants in criminal cases. Political analysts believe that officials take the hook to the election. It cannot be excluded that the works are designed to slow down the process of the transition of the representatives of the ruling coalition in a competing team.

In one day: the Prime Minister, two Ministers and the mayor of Kiev

National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) on the court’s decision is obliged to open criminal proceedings on the fact of receiving a bribe and negligence against Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and Minister of education Lilia Grinevich

The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik believes that the current political cycle Groisman and Grinevich not in danger – trouble they can begin with the elections.

“The court ordered the NAB to open a criminal case against the Groisman and Grinevich, as in the different directions between the BPP, Groisman and the “popular front” bargaining. Thus, the government is trying to exert pressure,” reasoned the analyst.

He noted that the case went to trial because the NAB had not opened a case after receiving relevant statements about the alleged crimes committed.

“NABOO is played in these Affairs. They know that the next political season, if you come to power opponents of the case against Groisman and Grinevich can get out sideways. After all, NABOO will be able to run these things in action when members of the current government will face real problems,” – said Bortnik.

Note that the name of the applicant in the case file is not specified, as the circumstances of possible criminal offence. It is only known that the case against Lily Grinevich (quota “popular front”) instituted on the fact of abuse of power or official position and office forgery.

And presidential protege Vladimir Groisman became a defendant in criminal proceedings under the article for negligence and for receiving improper benefits.

Another case of negligence it has been opened previously. But the current decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kiev dated December 29, 2018. On the same day, this court ordered the NAB to open criminal proceedings on the fact of possible negligence of the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak (President’s quota).

As well 29 December 2018, this court ordered the NAB to open criminal proceedings against the mayor of Kiev, Vitaliya Klitschko (the leader of the party UDAR). There’s a whole bunch of articles relating to the obstruction of lawful activities of trade unions, political parties, public organizations; abuse of power or official position; abuse of authority; resistance to economic activities; to conceal the crime, the promotion of gang members.

Recall that the Solomensky district court of Kiev considering the case of NABU and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) in 2015, since NABOO is located in Solomenskiy district of the capital. The judges look forward to the creation of the Higher anti-corruption court.

“If you will create a Higher anti-corruption court, the judge of Solomensky court will sigh with relief,” the media quoted the judge Kitsyuk Victoria. While it is believed that the Higher anti-corruption court of Ukraine should make till the end of April 2019. At least it is written in the Memorandum with the IMF.

On the hook for the attorney General, the leaders of the popular front

Solomensky district court ordered the NAB to register a criminal case against Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko. After all, back in October of personal reception of the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak, a citizen filed a complaint about the Commission of a corruption offense Lutsenko conspired with his first Deputy Dmitry Storozhuk.

We are talking about abuse of power, concealment of a crime, official forgery and illegal receipt of benefits, i.e. the bribe. SBU in turn sent the application to the NEB. But the Bureau the business did not open until the Court ordered him to open December 28.

However, in the NEB already has a criminal case on the fact of a possible illicit enrichment Lutsenko. The investigation started October 30, and also by the court. In addition, the Solomensky court had already ordered ordered the National anti-corruption Bureau to start an investigation against Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and the Prosecutor General – chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios on counts for negligence and abuse of power.

Political analyst Andrey Zolotarev believes that cases involving the attorney General can be attributed to “level of political declarations”.

“Given that Lutsenko walks at night to President Poroshenko, there are all sorts of scenarios. Do not rule out that Poroshenko go to put pressure on Lutsenko, to force him to more exemplary conduct”, he suggested.

Recall that in September Lutsenko stated about the intentions to resign immediately after the presidential elections, and stressed that he did not intend to stay in the chair the attorney General whatever the outcome of the presidential campaign. Ruslan Bortnik then suggested that the Prosecutor can push for his refusal to initiate criminal proceedings against the possible participants of the presidential race: Hrytsenko, Tymoshenko, etc.

Lutsenko said he was going to return to politics to participate in parliamentary elections. He told about his talks with the leader of Blow Vitaly Klitschko “and not only with him.”

Interestingly, 17 Oct Solomensky district court ordered the NAB to open proceedings against the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, leader “popular front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk and justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko (quota “popular Front”). It concerns the abuse of power; misappropriation, embezzlement of property or taking to them by abuse of official position; the legalization (laundering) of income obtained by criminal means); tax evasion. On Petrenko as there is a case on the fact of a possible Declaration of false information.

Director of the sociological service “Ukrainian barometer” Victor Nebozhenko said the case against Yatsenyuk and Petrenko spin doctors.

“Poroshenko achieves the important goal of internal defeat of the popular front, it split,” he said in the media.

They say the cases against representatives of the “people’s front” can be “coercion to friendship” on the part of Poroshenko. Since then, appeared in the media unconfirmed officially information that the people’s front agrees with the leader of the presidential ratings of Yulia Tymoshenko and her support in the election. It cannot be excluded that similar processes are started on different floors of the ruling coalition, and criminal cases are designed to slow down the process.

Blogger Vyacheslav was Cecile writes: “With the approaching presidential elections and the likely defeat Poroshenko is increasing the value of the “boats” – people who in the nominal list which will try to pass in Parliament, the current politicians and officials. Tymoshenko can shelter some members of the popular front as a payment for the support of Arsen Avakov in the election. Klitschko will save part of the PPO. In the end, the “update power”, as usual, promises to be the only update the signs”.