The capital’s roads have congestion due to heavy snowfall

 На столичных дорогах образовались заторы из-за обильного снегопада

Kilometer-long traffic jams were formed this morning on the capital’s roads due to heavy snowfall. Some of the streets with dangerous slopes, the authorities have decided to shut down to prevent accidents. In the end, many people were late for work.

“Very hard, now 11, and I was late for work. Almost an hour stuck in traffic. See how much the back of cars, try to keep your distance”.

“It’s hard. The roads are not cleared. A lot of the congestion”.

“Never seen one snowplow, the situation is deplorable. No action is taken”.

“The road is almost cleared, but you can go”.

At the same time, the mayor’s office reports that the workers of the enterprise “Exdrupo” left to clear the streets early in the morning. They began with the main roads and those leading to the suburbs. And management of housing and communal services mobilized for the work of 350 employees and 35 units of special equipment.

Work is underway on the national roads. To check the situation on the roads personally went to the Minister of economy and infrastructure Cyril Gaburici. Still on the route took 156 snowplows and more than 130 workers, who used nearly a thousand tons protivokrazhnogo reagent.

“In winter we monitor the most dangerous sites to in case of need to intervene. In particular, this route New-anenā-Causeni-Stefan Voda and Chisinau – Orhei – Balti, and Chisinau-Ungheni” – said the head of state Administration Sergey roads, PR assistant.

Meanwhile, the national patrol Inspectorate calls on drivers to equip their cars properly driving on winter tires, and don’t forget the snow chains, shovels and sand.