The cancer patient Japanese schizophrenia was cured after a bone marrow transplant

Больному раком японцу вылечили шизофрению после пересадки костного мозга

Japanese psychiatrists have described the incredible case: a patient with schizophrenia could be treated through a bone marrow transplant.

About it reports “1+1”.

After publication about this unique story in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, it became clear that this is not an isolated case.

The authors of the article began to receive letters describing similar stories of miraculous healing, when patients were accidentally managed to cure mental illness – in parallel with the treatment of the main disease.

Hallucinations the patient N. started in 24th year of life. It seemed to him that the thoughts flow out of his head – and can see other people. While watching movies it seemed to him that the actors give him secret signs, trying to enter with it contact. He became nervous, irritable, lost sleep.

Psychiatrist Tsuyoshi Miyaoka diagnosed N. paranoid schizophrenia and prescribed him a course of neuroleptics. However, medications did not help – the disorder has proved resistant to drugs.

A year later, the patient’s condition deteriorated. He quickly began to get tired, panting, he began to have bouts of fever. Another examination showed that N. acute myeloid leukemia – one of the varieties of blood cancer. To save his life, needed a bone marrow transplant.

A donor was found and transplantation was successful and a miracle happened: the man had disappeared hallucinations, along with feelings of anxiety. His schizophrenia is completely gone.

At first, the doctors thought it was temporary and the disease would return. However, since then several years have passed, and the doctor Miyaoka confirms that the patient does not show any signs of schizophrenia, despite the fact that he no longer takes medication.

Bone marrow transplant actually reboots the patient’s immune system. Chemotherapy destroys old cells, and new ones are formed already in the donor organ.

It is impossible to draw far-reaching conclusions on only one occasion, and it is likely that the patient was helped by the drugs he had used before and after transplantation. But recovery indicates that his mental condition was somehow tied to the immune system.

The first observations in this area were made over 100 years ago. At the end of the XIX century the doctors noticed that when in a psychiatric hospital, a wave of cold or flu, fever caused by improving the mental condition of the patients.

According to Robert Yolken, Professor of the Department of neurovirology the Johns Hopkins University, among patients with schizophrenia about one third show signs of immune imbalance.

“The role of immune activation in severe mental disorders is probably the most interesting new direction in the study of such diseases,” – quoted Professor, the New York Times.

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