The Cabinet was accused of overstating the rate of gas consumption

Кабмин обвинили в завышении норм потребления газа

“Naftogaz” accused Ministerto energy in overestimation of the rate of gas consumption for the population who do not have counters.

About it reports “Correspondent”.

It should be noted that the gas rate in Ukraine amounted to 3.3 cubic meters per person. In November 2018 the government’s decision on reduced norms was appealed to the Supreme court, resulting in consumers who have no meters, sent bills in accordance with Cabinet decision No. 619 of 1996, which States the following rules: 9,8 cubic meters (gas stove with centralized hot water), 18,3 cubic meters (gas stove without Central hot water) and 23.6 cubic meters (gas stove and water heater).

Naftogaz says it is “insanely” large standards, in connection with which accused the energy Ministry to allow the gas companies.

“I do not know whether it is the result of incompetence or corruption, but the trial giveaway to gas companies, the energy Ministry to happen for the first time. Six months lost. Because of a court loss and inaction of the Ministry of the Ukrainians who have not installed the gas meter, will now have to pay the Soviet inflated several times standards. As we found out, now the Agency is finally prepared the decision and promoting it to the government for consideration, but the text of the draft resolution just screams about whose interests are served by the Ministry”, – stated in the message.

The company did not specify to whom, in her opinion, works of Ministry, but notes that the extra money after the increase in gas standards will remain “gasbeton, the vast majority of which is controlled by Firtash and other former regionals.”

The number of households without meters, according to Naftogaz is about three million.

In December of last year, the energy Ministry has prepared new standards in gas consumption for consumers without meters.

So, according to the draft decree of the government, it is proposed to set the rate of gas consumption per person for households with gas stove and centralized hot water at 5.8 cubic meters for the period from April to September and 8.8 cubic meters for the period from October to March (was 3.3 cubic meters year-round).

According to the Ministry, currently, individual counters of consumption of gas are not equipped with 24.9% of the households.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, “Naftogaz” is ready to reduce the amount of the claim to “Gazprom” in case of preservation of gas transit.