The Cabinet of Ministers has reorganized the State fiscal service

Кабмин реорганизовал Государственную фискальную службу

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree on establishing the State tax and State customs services.

This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a revision of the resolution on reorganization of the State fiscal service, by the division of the State tax and State customs service.

The draft resolution provides for the separation of SFS on the State tax service (which will be in divisions of tax police) and the State customs service as a separate Central Executive bodies.

The Cabinet will direct and coordinate the activities of these services through the Minister of Finance.

For the reorganization of SFS will create the Commission which will be headed by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Varlamov.

The resolution takes into account the recommendations of the International monetary Fund and the tasks defined in the Medium-term plan of priority actions of the government until 2020.

Earlier it was reported that because of the prosperous customs of corruption, Ukraine annually loses more than 4 billion euros. About it reports DW. So, this is stated in the investigation of the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, published on Monday, August 6.

It is noted that this amount is over one-tenth of the whole revenue side of the budget, and 2 times more the amount that Ukraine to 2018 wants to receive from the IMF, EU and world Bank. Süddeutsche Zeitung based on documents, customs and bills of lading, describes the machinations used in Ukraine to evade taxes. Imported goods during customs registration of the change marking. For example, umbrellas turn into brushes or mirrors – only one of the consignment, the state is losing thousands of euros. Danym publication the machinations involving police, prosecutors and the SBU. For illegal transactions the formation of new firms, which control the people around, customs officials, prosecutors and the police.

It is noted that according to the results of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey, in 2018, with cases of corruption and bribery faced 73% of Ukrainian companies in comparison with 56% of respondents in 2016. Globally this figure is on average 25%. A third of companies surveyed in Ukraine said that in the past two years has received offers to give a bribe. Overall, almost half of the respondents believe that were dealing with economic crimes by 5% more than two years ago. According to PwC, the most common of such crimes in Ukraine remain, along with corruption and bribery, asset misappropriation (62% in 2016 and 46% in 2018) and fraud in procurement (25% and 33%).