The Cabinet approved a plan for the creation of WAX

Кабмин утвердил план относительно создания ВАКС

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the plan for creating the anti-corruption Supreme court of Ukraine (WACHS).

The decision was taken today, July 4, 2018, during the session of the government.

Thus, the Cabinet approved the plan of organization of preparation of draft acts necessary to ensure the implementation of the law “On establishment of the Higher anti-corruption court.”

So, according to the plan, the Cabinet should be up to 6 August 2018 to adopt, within its competence measures, with Higher anti-corruption court of Ukraine.

In particular, it is necessary to ensure competence in accordance with the adoption of measures necessary for the implementation of the law “On the establishment of the Supreme court anti-corruption” and, if necessary, to submit to the government in the prescribed manner to the agreed proposals.

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