The British engaged to a blanket

 Британка обручилась с одеялом

The British invited the guests to come to their “wedding” in pajamas and bathrobes. The bride will also wear a nightgown and Slippers.

A resident of Britain, the 49-year-old Pascal Sellick intends to marry his duvet. Ceremony “marriage” is already appointed. This reports the Metro.

A woman from the British city of Exeter, stated that she was engaged with the blanket. According to the Brits, it always came to her rescue in difficult moments, and it’s a hugger,reports.

Ceremony has to take place on February 10. Sellick says she’ll come to my wedding in a nightgown, robe and Slippers. The woman encourages guests to choose the same outfits for the occasion.

The publication writes that people who are attracted to inanimate objects, called objectsecurity.