The bill on the functioning of the Ukrainian language contradicts the Constitution – ex-MP

Законопроект о функционировании украинского языка противоречит Конституции – экс-нардеп

Bill No. 5670-d, adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament in the first reading in October 2018, is unconstitutional, violating the right of citizens to use one of the languages of national minorities.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of III-IV convocations Georgy Kryuchkov.

“This bill flagrantly violates the Constitution, because the Constitution, setting the state status of the Ukrainian language, however, guarantees citizens the free use, study, the use of Russian or any other language of national minorities. And the fact that the bill ignores this statutory provision. In addition, it is a direct mockery of the Constitution, over the right of citizens to speak the language in which they want in their native language”, – said G. Kryuchkov.

Ex-nadep added that citizens of Ukraine, according to the Constitution, have the inherent right to use their native language from birth.

“There is a fact that MPs often do not pay attention – the rights and freedoms are different: there are socio-economic, political rights, rights that a person acquires directly after birth – for example, the right to life. The man was born, and the state assumes the obligation to realize this right. As far as the right to use the language, this right can not be attributed to the fact that it is given the right government. Man is born, and from birth, being in a specific environment, possession of this language. Is it by nature given, and nobody can infringe on that right. And this bill deprives a person of the right to use the language, in a certain environment. This is a blatant violation,” – said G. Kryuchkov.

Recall, October 4, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the first reading of Committee a bill to ensure the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language. “For” the adoption of the basis of bill No. 5670-d voted 261 MP. Under this bill, the Ukrainian language will be mandatory for:

Education – teaching and management staff of preschool, school and higher educational institutions. Allowed the use of languages of national minorities in accordance with the law “On national minorities”. The external independent evaluation, tests and exams, certifications, and other will occur in the Ukrainian language. Universities will have the right to use languages of the European Union. The same applies to the scientific sphere is to defend the master’s dissertation will be possible only in the Ukrainian language. Doctoral dissertation with the consent of the Academic Council will be protected in the languages of the European Union.

Culture – posters, exhibitions, Museum exhibitions should be held and executed in the Ukrainian language. The use of words in another language is permitted with mandatory redundancy in Ukrainian transcription. If cultural events are held by people who do not speak the Ukrainian language required translation of their speeches into Ukrainian. Performances in foreign languages in state or municipal theaters should be accompanied by subtitles in the Ukrainian language. How to implement it in practice, the bill is not specified. Movies should also appear in the Ukrainian language. If the film has a replica in foreign languages, they must be subtitrovannoy or dubbed in Ukrainian. Their number should not exceed 15% of the total duration of all replicas in the film. The cinemas will allow screening of foreign films in the original language, but the number of such films in the cinema should not exceed 10% of the total number of movies per month.

Health – to work and maintain medical documentation on the Ukrainian language will oblige medical workers of state and communal establishments of health protection. To provide medical care to the patient will be in other languages in addition to Ukrainian, if requested by the patient.

Domestic sphere after the adoption of the bill of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, working with clients and consumers to conduct services in the Ukrainian language. This rule also applies to online shopping and e-Commerce-directories. And the service in another language is possible only at the request of the customers. Any marking will also have become available in the Ukrainian language, and in a font not less than that used in the original language.

Procedure all procedural documents will be delivered to the court must be in the Ukrainian language. In the process, use a different language, subject to the availability of an interpreter. Any professional legal assistance should be provided in the Ukrainian language.

Media – the Ukrainian language is proposed to make mandatory for all media. Transfer in other languages are duplicated on the Ukrainian language. Broadcaster is obliged to provide simultaneous translation into the Ukrainian language for those who speak another language. The print media are obliged to publish in Ukrainian, but have the right to go into other languages, provided that the content is identical to the original Ukrainian. The electronic media should have a page in the Ukrainian language, which should be the default as a start.

The use of proper names is permitted only in the Ukrainian language. For example, the Supreme legislative body of Ukraine – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine cannot be called the Supreme Council.

To monitor compliance with the law is specially created national standards Commission of the state language. To support standards and verification government officials on knowledge of the state language will be the designated focal point of the Ukrainian language. He will issue certificates on knowledge of the Ukrainian language to those who need it for employment (e.g., officials of all levels). Also created such institution as the Commissioner for the protection of the Ukrainian language, which will appoint the Cabinet. In the structure of the Commissioner will be the so-called “language inspectors”, which should have higher education or academic degree in Philology or in the field of law. They will be able to inspect their documents and to draw up protocols for violation of the new law.

Introduced stringent penalties for non-compliance. Public humiliation or contempt for the Ukrainian language is proposed to punish, and humiliation of other state symbols – from a penalty in the amount of 50 untaxed minimums (850 UAH) to arrest to six months or imprisonment up to three years.

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