The authorities rewrote the transport tax: someone will have to fork out

Власти переписали транспортный налог: кое- кому придется раскошелиться

This year, the officials included in the list of 299 brands and models

The Ministry of economic development has published the latest list of luxury cars, the owners of which in 2019 will have to pay into the Treasury of 25 thousand UAH. the transport tax. Given the fact that from 1 January the minimum wage increased, the number of luxury cars declined. So, this year, officials included in the list of 299 brands and models.

The fact that the law requires car owners to pay tax on vehicles whose value exceeds 375 times the minimum wage. This year, it is equivalent to 1,565 million UAH. whereas in the past the luxury threshold was set at the level of 1,396 mln. reports

As a result, an updated list of lost 34 models of cars. For example, no longer have to worry about payment of the transport tax for the owners of SUVs BMW X4 and X3, and Audi Q5. Can breathe a sigh of relief and owners of the Ford Edge, as well as a number of other cars.

But no luck to fans of luxurious Jaguar electric car i-Pace, which last year gained as much as 13 units – all will have to fork out. However, for some reason from a list of luxury disappeared without exception, all models of Tesla. Although the new Model S, 2017 V. sold in Ukraine at a price of over 3 million. twice the statutory threshold.