The authorities of Paris were powerless before the new shares the “yellow jackets” European expert

Власти Парижа оказались бессильными перед новыми акциями «желтых жилетов» - европейский эксперт

A statement by the activists of the so-called “yellow jackets” in the French capital, injuring up to 120 people, has clearly demonstrated the impotence of the authorities of Paris to mass protest actions.

A personal opinion expressed European Explorer Marie Pudemo in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to experts, the police only managed to evacuate a number of officials from unrest in the government quarters, with real and personal property, and the safety of ordinary citizens in these areas were put under “a real threat”.

“For anybody not a secret that in the “yellow jackets” today there are hundreds of provocateurs and extremists whose aim is to destabilize the situation in the country, – said, in particular, it. – It is obvious that in the near future the French government authorizes the use against demonstrators new forms of influence”.

What forms in this case, M. Pudemo said.

Recall, on the eve on the streets of Paris was about 55 thousand people, representing the movement of the “yellow jackets”. The demonstrators attacked the building of the Ministry for relations with Parliament, and killed several in the yard cars. The official representative of the government of France Benjamin Greve, whose office is in the building, was forced to flee.

Performances of “yellow jackets” began in Paris, nice, Toulouse and other cities of the French Republic on 17 November 2018. At first, the activists were protesting against the increase of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, and then put forward political demands. At the moment, in the riots killed 19 people, more than 900 were injured, at least two and a half thousand were arrested. Reports on the mass vandalism: in addition to the destruction of dozens of shops and hundreds of cars in the centre of the French capital, radical protesters has damaged the construction of the triumphal Arch and set fire to the main entrance to the Elysee Palace in Paris.