The authorities decided to close the entrance to Kiev

Власти решили закрыть въезд в Киев

The expected heavy snow and Blizzard

The capital authorities decided to restrict entry to the city.

As the press service of Kyiv city state administration (KCSA), the ban applies to large appliances reports

“According to the forecast of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center that today in Kiev will be snow and a Blizzard. In this regard, from 17:00 to 21:00 it is planned to temporarily prevent entry into the capital of heavy and large vehicles,” — said in the KSCA.

According to the press service of the city administration, the restrictive measures will minimize the occurrence of congestion on the road network and to ensure the movement of snowplows. The introduction of such a ban, Kyiv city state administration promised to report further, but warned drivers about the need to take this information into account when forming routes through Kiev.

As previously reported, on January 23 because of bad weather in the morning actually the entire capital standing in traffic jams.

The level of traffic on the roads of Kiev is almost the maximum. The toffees were formed on all the roads. And on bridges and roads out of town cars are stuck in congestion. This often cause difficulties movement be accident.

Especially large-scale traffic jams are observed on Victory Avenue, in the Bessarabska square area, riverside highway. Motorists should avoid the metro station “Zhytomyrska”, “Sviatoshyn” and the circus.

Note also in the capital around the public land transport has imposed the operational position in connection with difficult weather conditions and the congestion of cars on the roads. Buses, trolleybuses and trams travel without complying with the timetables.

We add that in such weather conditions motorists should pay special attention to the observance of speed limits and distance between vehicles, to eliminate the sharp maneuvers, and to comply with the road signs. Drivers should not Park vehicles along the roads so as not to interfere with snow plows.