The astrologer predicted Zelensky “finest hour”

Астролог предсказал Зеленскому «звездный час»

Voiced astrological forecast

Today celebrates his birthday a leader and inspirer of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, showman, actor and TV presenter Vladimir Zelensky.

It is known that recently, Vladimir Zelensky has declared his presidential ambitions, in this respect, voiced an astrological forecast is known to Vlad and Ross, reports

So the astrologer said that Vladimir Zelensky waiting for a big “finest hour”:

“Based on the annual horoscope of Vladimir Zelensky, waiting for his big “star hour”. He is the “dark horse” that might spoil other participants of the election race – Tymoshenko and Poroshenko, as he has all the chances they suddenly “beat” in the presidential election”.

The peak of the dawn of the forces of Vladimir Zelensky is in March and April of this year:

“This means that Zelensky, from the point of view of the stars there is a great chance to win. Unless, of course, the results will not be manipulated… As you know, “no matter who wins – it is important as you will”. If we analyze and compare the situation in the horoscopes of potential presidential candidates, namely Zelensky needs to win the presidential election in Ukraine.”

The astrologer added:

“He’s a one – man reformer. Born under the sign of Aquarius, which speaks to its ability to undertake serious transformations and reforms, and even to destroy the oligarchy”.

The astrologer also warned:

“He will remember any past actions or to spread rumors. However, due to the “star hour” in his horoscope all antikamnia directed against him, will not have any impact on the people.

Planets will contribute to Vladimir Zelensky, having “Royal combination” in the horoscope, took the “Royal throne” in Ukraine, says the expert:

“Vladimir Zelensky, waiting for a big “star hour”. Albeit now it only implements it, because star is known to incline, but not compel. Despite all this talk, what they say, “he is an artist, a comedian, where his presidency”, in his the House of Power is the connection of the moon and of Saturn and Mars. And this is the horoscope of a politician.

Looking at his horoscope, I can just see Napoleon, who at the beginning of the NINETEENTH century, carried out many useful reforms for the country in France. So is “our Napoleon”: will make a lot of changes and reforms. His strongest trait is that he very quickly and easily trained as any Aquarius, so he will be able very soon, in just a few months, to establish the situation in the country.”