The analyst told what to expect after receiving Thomas

Политолог рассказал, чего ожидать после получения Томоса

In fact, even before the presentation of the Tomos 6 January 2019, we can assume that there is official approval of the Patriarch of Constantinople to the establishment of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Oleg Saakyan.

“The Patriarch of Constantinople on 6 January will be awarded Tomos – a document, a certificate stating that he supports the decision of the Council (conducted in December 2018 – ed.) and grant the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy, and from that moment on, legally there will be only one Church. Today from the point of view of ecclesiastical law, still in the time gap: while addressed to the Patriarch, the Patriarch has already given the word, his “Yes” but not yet handed over the final document. Although he had already written and he’s already signed and adopted by the Synod. He already is, de facto, just date, to have solemnly decided to put on 6 January, when we celebrate Christmas,” said the expert.

While Hovhannes Sahakyan said that the Unification Church Cathedral in Kiev December 15, 2018 was conducted by the hierarchs subordinate to the Ecumenical Patriarch.

“After the ceremony, Thomas held a meeting of the Synod. It is absolutely legitimate, since previously gathered hierarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to your Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Orthodox churches. But at the time of participation in the Cathedral they were not the representatives of their churches, and they were representatives of the bishops of the Patriarchate of Constantinople due to the fact that before the Patriarch of Constantinople has canceled the contract with the Russian Church about the transfer of control of Ukrainian Church because of its violation of the Russian Church of the terms of this agreement. In fact, this Cathedral was not gathered representatives of Ukrainian churches, and gathered the Ecumenical Patriarch on the territory of Ukraine through its representative, the Bishop of Gaul, who led a Cathedral”, – said the analyst.

As previously reported, after receiving Thomas 6 January 2019 Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU) will gather for a Synod to form the management structure of the Church.

About this on air of the TV channel Direct said the representative of the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine, the Epiphany father Ivan Sidor, reports.

“Negotiations about the future of the Church, is meant, the Church is new, there are no divisions, no organs, no commissions. It will all be created when you call a Synod. The authority of the Church, which will be responsible for different aspects of the life of the Church. Negotiations are now under way. But as said by Bishop Epiphanius, to receive the Tomos of radical changes in the Church will not. We are waiting for the important moment of receiving the Tomos. When Tomos is received – the Church independent, legitimate, canonical has anything negative to her will not come up. Then convoked a Synod, and will form the governing bodies of the Church,” he said.

Recall, 15 December, Kyiv hosted the unity Council, which was established the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Her head was Metropolitan of Pereyaslav and Belotserkovsky Epiphanius (Dumenko).