The analyst about a new Russian submarine “Borey”: “US Bases would be eliminated in a minute”

Политолог о новой подлодке РФ «Борей»: «Базы США будут ликвидированы за минуту»

Moscow can no longer adequately lead the negotiations with Washington

Western media started to publish articles stating that the United States is extremely concerned about the emergence of a new Russian submarine “Borey”.

Reports in the air one of Russian radio stations the situation is commented political analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky.

He recalled that the Western media spread information that in the event of armed conflict the US base will be destroyed in one minute. Satanovsky notes that only one Russian submarine is really capable of hitting American infrastructure is completely wiped off the face of the Earth Navy base kings Bay and other military installations. However, the analyst expressed doubt that the current policy of Washington aimed at an armed conflict with Russia. Also, according to Satanovsky, Russia cannot adequately negotiate with the United States.

“American officials believe that we should act in the direction of “tension” in relations with the Russian Federation and it will not be any consequences,” – said the analyst. Earlier, the American media has placed the material in which he informed about a possible attack submarines in the Gulf of Mexico. The authors argue that if that happens, Washington and new York will cease to exist.