The analyst 50 million for the CEC: it’s the money saved on the elections in the GSS

Политолог о 50 миллионах для ЦИК: это деньги, которые сэкономили на проведении выборов в ОТГ

The CEC will receive after the decision of the Parliament of UAH 50 million on cyber security, not because the state budget had extra money, because the money was not used for elections to the GSS in 2018.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“As far as I understand, CEC is now trying to reach the end of the year with the executed budget. A big part of that they have allocated for this year, they spent. This amount of 50 million UAH, she appeared out of nowhere, but on the basis that the CEC summer imposed a moratorium on the holding of elections in communities (GSS). The CEC said that there are a number of issues which they are unable to hold elections. But the money for these elections in the communities that the CEC stopped, was,” – said the expert.

The analyst added that under current law, if the CEC before the end of the calendar year does not use all the budget, then next year they will not receive.

“And now the CEC tries the money that was laid on the elections but was not carried out in the community, the CEC attempts these 49 million 600 thousand to redistribute on cybersecurity, trying to invest in a budget that was. We know that at the end of the year budget of the organization return the amount that was not spent. CEC tries to avoid a situation where this amount can be refunded.

I believe, therefore, CEC is trying to adapt to the trend, which is, and which is associated with cybersecurity, because talking about it in world, USA, Europe about the fact that it is necessary to increase cybersecurity, it is important for the elections. On the one hand. And other CEC corny is trying to keep the budget that she had,” said the analyst.

Earlier it was reported that the Council supported the draft law on the allocation of the CEC for cybersecurity 50 million.

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