The American scientist said that the main danger for the worldwide network

 Американский ученый назвал главную опасность для всемирной сети

American scientist and developer Vinton CERF (Vinton Cerf) called insecure IOT devices the main danger for the modern network. His words are quoted by Business Insider.

One of the creators of the network is concerned that the number of devices connecting to the Internet, is constantly growing. He said that the problem lies in insufficient security of such gadgets,reports Lentа.”Appears the avalanche devices, and they are potentially dangerous,” said CERF, currently chief Internet Evangelist for Google. The scientist said that the consequences of failure in these devices can be unpredictable.As a dangerous example, CERF led a hacked car without a driver that can get into an accident.

The developer concluded that the Internet has two congenital defects: it is not adapted for the connection of billions of devices that eventually would be integrated into this network, and its lack of built-in security protocols.Forecasts from research company Gartner suggests that by 2021 users will connect to the network about 25 billion devices the Internet of things.In October last year it was reported that a researcher in the field of cybersecurity has discovered a new dangerous virus similar to known botnet Mirai. Aggressive actively seized of the devices of the Internet of things and subjected them to the hackers.