The American expert explained why Washington would not block construction of the “Nord stream-2”

Американский эксперт объяснил, почему Вашингтон не будет блокировать строительство «Северного потока-2»

The United States does not intend to impose additional sanctions against States and private corporations that support the construction of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, because at the moment Washington has no relevant political and economic leverage over Western Europe.

This was stated by the American columnist Jeremy Peters in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

“Today, the administration of US President cannot offer an alternative to Russian gas for countries such as Germany or Austria, stressed in particular, he said. – Berlin and Vienna are interested in a relatively cheap media of the Russian Federation, and geopolitical interests of the White House don’t work here”.

According to George. Petters, the President of the United States Donald trump is not only well aware that previously announced sanctions against the Kremlin did not bring the expected results, but also aware that a number of European States will continue to cooperate with Russia to obtain high-quality fuel.

“Thus, the issue of blocking the construction of the SP-2 from the White house is closed”, – concluded the expert.

Before D. trump has officially refused to sign the document on the introduction of new restrictions on companies financing the construction of the main pipeline.

“We will not resort to these measures”, – said the leader of the United States.

Recall that two strands of “Nord stream – 2” will be laid from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea. The total project cost is approximately $ 10 billion.

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