The American bit his lip to his girlfriend and sat for 12 years

Американец откусил губу своей девушке и сел на 12 лет

South Carolina was sentenced to 12 years in prison for what he bit off lip of his former girlfriend. On the day of a brutal attack on 23-year-old Seth Aaron Fleury wanted to meet with the victim to discuss their future relations, but the conversation went wrong. In the end, the couple began to quarrel.

This is reported

The girl decided she didn’t want to resume their romance where Seth was clearly not ready. The guy decided to kiss her to bring back the old feelings, but only made it worse. According to a press release from police, the victim wanted to escape from the clutches of the accused, but he bit her lower lip with such force that it caused irreparable damage.

Doctors tried to reattach his lower lip girl, but all attempts were in vain. Now her face, the horrific scars and she feels a constant discomfort in any meal.

Seth will not be eligible for parole until after serving at least 85% of the specified period.

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