The aggression of Russia in the Kerch Strait: there was disappointing news about the wounded Ukrainian sailors

Агрессия РФ в Керченском проливе: появились неутешительные новости о раненых украинских моряках

Parliament Commissioner for human rights Lyudmila Denisova announced disappointing news about wounded and captured by the Russians in the Kerch Strait Ukrainian sailors — with the new year in Russia they do not provide medications.

Injured Ukrainians need treatment, support, rehabilitation, actions of physicians, said the Ombudsman in his interview to Direct, citing data from the consuls.

“…Disappointing news. Now there is information from the consuls, which… visited our wounded. Unfortunately, I can say that with the new year, any medications not provided for our wounded…” — said the interviewee.

She also spoke about the state of health of Andrei Artemenko, Andrei Adera and Basil magpies. “Artemenko. Another bad move of his left hand. Again x-rayed. There is a fragment, it is necessary to do something, it should be treated, it is necessary to carry out the rehabilitation,” — said Denisov.

“Yes, he’s testifying to, and this was confirmed by the alleged eye doctor that he sees is normal, and vision was restored. That is, no inflammation of the eye,” she said.

“Eider. You know it’s the youngest and most severely wounded, our Andrew. What’s wrong with him? Now foot traffic has recovered. He moves independently. But all wounds are still there, he is sick and needs help”, — said the Ombudsman.

The parliamentary Commissioner for human rights stressed that the magpie is also a severe wound of the left hand, “the brush is still bad, but in his fist he grips”.