The 5G network killed thousands of starlings in the Netherlands

Сеть 5G убила тысячи скворцов в Нидерландах

Developed countries are slowly beginning to implement a 5G communication standard, which appeared recently. Some States have opened up access to technology for everyone, and some only test the network, for example, the Netherlands in the Hague.

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As soon as there was the inclusion of base stations, from the sky periodically started falling birds – starlings. In General, if we consider the city as a whole, had died more than a thousand starlings.

An accurate count of dead birds is only in the Park Huygens. In an average day, workers find about 40-60 birds. At first, people thought the birds overpowered the epidemic, however, the view of Starling was completely healthy (sick birds are usually exhausted and have problems with feathering).

According to the explanation of experts, the wavelength 5G does not differ from the length of the body of birds. Consequently, the birds experience a negative impact. The network is not dangerous to living organisms that are larger than the wavelength of the radio frequency spectrum.

In the Netherlands, by the way, 5G were forced to turn off, as cows on farms was mad. They bellowed and knocked the door sheds. Data oddities stopped as soon as I turned off the base station 5G.

Earlier it was reported that the 5G network in the coming years will show an increase of 118%.

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