The 2018: five new ways to save, which I didn’t know

Итоги 2018 года: пять новых способов экономить, о которых еще не все знают

How to reduce costs

Many of the innovations of an economic nature, which were adopted in Ukraine in 2018, relate not only to the country as a whole, but also of the personal wallets of Ukrainians. The website “Today” I remembered some of them, which, although not set as a main objective the savings of Ukrainians, nevertheless, reduce the cost. Sometimes just a couple of cents, and sometimes quite significantly.

Money wasters will take nearest Bank

Previously, to get rid of badly damaged or worn out hryvnia banknotes was quite problematic. They can be exchanged for the whole only in the regional offices of the NBU, which are located only in obltsentrah, and that is not all. And in fact, it was lost money.

Now take defaced Bank notes (charred, soiled, torn, etc.) required authorized banks: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval. That is, if some bills do not want to take in the store, it can be attributed to the nearest branch of one of these banks, and they will be given in return entire bill for the equivalent amount without any fees and interest.

In stores you can underpay 4 cents

From 1 July 2018 lost in action, the NBU resolution “On optimization of the circulation of coins of small denominations”, which introduced a system of rounding the total amounts in receipts when calculating cash. This is due to the fact that the national Bank refused to issue coins of small denominations (1, 2 and 5 kopecks and 25 kopecks), and have embarked on the gradual removal of these coins from circulation.

Under the new rules, if the amount in the cash receipt ends in 1, 2, 3 or 4 cents is rounded down. Thus, the buyer gets full right to underpay the store from 1 to 4 cents. If the number on the receipt ends in 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 kopeks – round goes in a big way, and in this case, the store gets the right to short-change buyers change in the amount of from 1 to 5 cents.

To pay the rent… now you can work

Residents of homes in which there is a condominium (Association of condominiums), with 2018 have the opportunity partially to save on utilities, but rather to pay off the debt not money, and their work. This opportunity was provided by the law on OSMW, and the Cabinet of Ministers has developed a procedure for the implementation of this rule. To work, however, can only be the duty of rent (payment for soderjanie of houses and house adjoining territories). But if not enough money and free time enough, thus it is possible to slightly reduce the cost of utilities.

Those who want to pay for the maintenance of the house by his labor, must apply to the Board of the condominium. If it decides to grant the request for working out, with the tenant-debtor will be signed a corresponding agreement. People without special education can only be entrusted to unskilled work: wash the porch, sweep the yard, clear snow, etc. in the presence of the document confirming the qualification of electrician, plumber, Builder, etc., a person can perform work in their specialty.

To save on heating is now available and residents of old houses

From 2018 residents of older multi-storey buildings with vertical heating system, also can save your money to pay for heating, whereas previously this privilege was only available to living in new houses, with horizontal layout. The Cabinet of Ministers approved a package of documents, which allows old homes to go door-to-door heat metering. Provided that such desire expressed in less than 50% of the residents.

In older homes, in addition to per-apartment heat meters must be installed devices distribution heat metering, as well as communal metering metering device. And, although the equipment is still fairly expensive, given the rising rates it can bring savings, especially in homes with good energy efficiency.

To reduce the cost of postal services

In recent years, Ukrainians literally set records for the number of sent and received parcels. Those who send parcels regularly, using the services of “ukrpochty” can save you 5% shipping cost, if ship a package yourself.

The main purpose of innovation can be considered as an attempt to relieve postal workers and reduce the queue. Indeed, many clients bring to the office from a few dozen packages, and their design is time-consuming.

Nevertheless, you can get 5% discount are many. Enough to have on the website post office Personal account and create a shipment on their own. However, it will also need a printer to print the supporting documents.