That happens to Kev Adams ? The actor has deleted all the photos from his account Instagram…

Qu'arrive-t-il à Kev Adams ? L'acteur a supprimé toutes les photos de son compte Instagram...

But what happened to Kev Adams ? The actor and comedian of 27 years disappeared from one day to the next day of Instagram, emptying his account of the whole of his photos without explanation.

“But you’re not there, but where are you ?”, as asked Vianney, who withdrew from the media scene. Kev Adams would be in the process of doing the same ? The actor and comedian of 27 years, 5.5 million followers on Instagram, has taken the decision to remove all of its publications, the famous social network of the day to the next. On the 14th of January, fans of the artist had the bad surprise to find his page empty of all content. But then what happens to Kev Adams ? Why leave his audience without new ?

Qu'arrive-t-il à Kev Adams ? L'acteur a supprimé toutes les photos de son compte Instagram...Capture Instagram-Kev Adams

It must be said that as an actor, Kev Adams has recently suffered a very virulent criticism. The release of the film Alad’2 (in October 2018), a journalist of the famous american web site Hollywood Reporter has dézingué the benefit of the French star. “The actor just isn’t funny. It may be sympathetic with young people in france as a puppet to the hair vigorously gum – this seems to be his trademark, and his reason for being”, wrote the journalist, before adding do not understand why the film Kev Adams won such a success : “the how and the Why of his movies, which are all bad, with the exception of Son, fair, have they been able to bring in collectively more than $ 100 million on the French territory ? It remains a mystery, especially in a country like France, which seems to have included the good taste in its civil code”. Ouch…

This is not all. On January 8, Kev Adams made a tackle on Instagram by fans of Jamel Debbouze after a bad joke slipped in the comment a picture of his friend, stand-up comedian. It was also lynched on social media in November last as a result of his delivery missed the NRJ music awards where he parodiait Stromae. “It is super annoying”, “The French malaise”… Could you read on the web about Kev Adams. Double ouch !

Worried, the fans Kev Adams cling to the last tweet and post Facebook of the actor and comedian, who dates back to 10 January : “We are the 10, it’s 10: 10am”, he wrote, enigmatic on the two networks.

His radical decision, does it have a link with a ras-le-bol of Instagram and plasters wiped ? Is it a victim of hacking ? Kev Adams, wish to take a step back to make a blank page ? It seems more credible that the star is actually in full operation for the promotion.

By deleting its contents, on Instagram and, in fact, speak of him, it is fueling a buzz that will allow him at the right time to put forward his new show. Entitled to Be 10 years (hullo, this is certainly where comes the famous 10 of his last post) this new show of humor, will allow the star to be closer to its public, with a French tour starting February 8, 2019. To reassure the fans of the artist !