Terms of reducing the rate of gas consumption

Названы сроки снижения норм потребления газа

The rate of gas consumption by the population without meters will reduce from 9 August.

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So, if you have a gas stove and centralized hot water provision will be reduced from 9.8 cu. m to 3.29 cubic meters per person per month. In the absence of centralized hot water and gas water heater from 18.3 to 5.39 cubic meters and for anyone who uses a gas stove and water heater from 23.6 cubic meters to 10.49.

The Cabinet found that it is not allowed accrual accounting of debt on personal account of domestic consumers for gas, which has arisen in connection with the termination of the earlier government resolutions on the norms of gas consumption the population without meters (taken in 2015-2016), in addition, there are no suppliers of gas for household customers in arrears for gas within the norms of consumption of gas in the absence of gas meters, approved by government decree of 8 June 1996, No. 619, as amended, which was applicable until 1 October 2014, as well as penalties, 3 percent annual inflation costs assessed on such debt.

Cabinet also recommended that “Naftogaz” together with operators of gas distribution networks to ensure the installation of individual gas meters according to the statements of domestic consumers. The government also instructed the Ministry of economy together with “Naftogaz” to ensure that the financial plan of the NJSC cost of installation of individual gas meters for domestic consumers.

We will remind, in Ukraine reduced gas consumption standards for users without meters.