Tears welling: soldier met his mother after a long separation (VIDEO)

Слезы наворачиваются: солдат встретил мать после долгой разлуки (ВИДЕО)

In California returning from service soldiers staged a surprise mother.

About it reports the portal of Fox News.

Private first class Brandon Covey decided to greet his mother in an unusual way. He agreed with the support group basketball team “Sacramento kings” that will take part in their performance.

Stadium workers specifically brought to the floor the mother of a soldier, Vanessa Ibarra for a trick in which athletes jump high on the trampoline and score balls into the basket over her head. The woman was blindfolded so she did not immediately see that the last column runs her son in army uniform.

Covey went up to her mother and removed the bandage from her eyes. She screamed in joy and hugged her son to the applause of the audience.

It is reported that Covey served in South Korea.