Symonenko: Terror against canonical Orthodoxy is a crime and spiritual genocide

Симоненко: Террор в отношении канонического православия - это преступление и духовный геноцид

It is known that “stop thief” the loudest cry of those who are trying to shift the blame to the “blame on others,” to escape responsibility for the outrage perpetrated by, in pursuit of the hierarchs and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on false trumped-up charges of “treason” and “inciting religious hatred”.

This was stated by the leader of the Left forces of Ukraine Petro Symonenko.

“Searches in the churches and interrogations in the SBU of those clergymen who, following the Orthodox canons “thou shalt not kill”, “love your neighbour” stand for peace and humanity, preaching the unity of Orthodoxy, and refuse to obey “fearsome the schismatic”, testify to the agony of the ruling oligarchic regime of the Nazis that drove the citizens of Ukraine in the socio-economic abyss. The mode in which banditry and robbery, neo-Nazism and fascism elevated to the rank of state policy. Regime that is now trying to secure a further stay in power, privatizing the Church, causing division and hatred, the driving force controlled by believers in the “spiritual house”, – said Simonenko.

Petro Symonenko reminded that not so long ago the current leprosaria the President with the Ministers and other bureaucrats went to pay homage to the temples of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, took communion and atone for his sins, carrying the gifts, trying to buy forgiveness from God for their theft and humiliation of the middle, for lying and abuse of history, for his crimes before God and men.

“Now, given overseas masters in government offices, the Nouveau riche, embezzlers and puppets, like a pack of Rudyard Kipling’s banderlog, unleashed spiritual and physical terror against the canonical Orthodox”, – said the leader of the Left.

Petro Symonenko stressed that brazenly violating the Constitution, which explicitly talks about the separation of Church and state, the regime flagrantly interfere in Church Affairs. Moreover, from the mouths of top officials of the state calls “fire and sword” to expel the canonical parishioners of the UOC of the temples to take away Church property in favor of “Patriotic confessions, to how I use the jargon of thieves Poroshenko said, the canonical UOC “fingers fan” was arranging.

“At the same time blatantly lying about some of autocephaly, on freedom of conscience and belief, when in fact Poroshenko is preparing in Ukraine “Bartholomew’s night”: the subordination of the Ukrainian Church of the Constantinople Patriarchate, that is, the introduction of external control in the spiritual realm, the elimination of canonical Orthodoxy, Catholicosate Ukraine and the new Union, a division of the world of Orthodoxy”, – said Peter Simonenko.

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