Symonenko criticized the law on decommunisation

Симоненко раскритиковал закон о декоммунизации

We need to live adequately and expediently, deciding what interests us to solve.

About this on air of one of Ukrainian television said the leader of the CPU Petro Symonenko.

“The judge Kuzmenko of the Kiev regional court, which received the order to ban the Communist party, he took no decisions, and finally it stopped. Then, seeing that the affair hushed up, the Supreme court adopted a law on de-communization. Actually, it’s not decommunization is de-Sovietization, de-industrialization, dehumanization, demoralization, and mental debilitation”, – said the politician.

According to him, under this act the government wanted to ban the word “communism”.

“On this basis, we tried to ban our activities. In Europe, it caused an outrage, and we requested the Venice Commission, which concluded that this decision is destructive. We also demanded that the Ukrainian government made a change in the law. Because in fact the judge Kuzmenko made a decision on the alleged ban of the party, although he had no right to ban the party, because the court only suspended the activities of the party. I would like to have our citizens understand that we now have is dominated by the right of force and the force of law, and that he who will take up the baton and wear a Balaclava, says that he has the right to do what he pleases,” said P. Symonenko