Symonenko: After the first round of the elections, Poroshenko has to flee the country

Симоненко: После первого тура выборов у Порошенко одна дорога – сбежать из страны

Current President Petro Poroshenko has no chance of winning the presidential election.

Such opinion in interview ГолосUA was expressed by the leader of KPU Peter Simonenko.

“If we are talking about the government and implied that President Poroshenko, I think he after the first round there is only one way – to escape from the country, I just don’t know where. I say this not by accident. If we could realize that people objectively assess his work over the past five years, based on this, determine its position, and this position will have no effect, then, of course, he has no chance at all. His repetition of the same situation as for Yushchenko,” – said Peter Simonenko.

The opposition politician also made a forecast how you will behave in power during the election campaign and on elections.

“Pay attention to billboards. Even the presidential campaign has not begun, and already perspectively, who is President and who to vote for. This once again confirms that they are not going to be the law to rely on, nor compliance with the Constitution. The power will behave in a vile, disgusting, a thief, a bandit to use all methods to resist. For them, the preservation chair – saving opportunities to steal. Once this is excluded, they first will flee from the country and leave people in the lurch,” concluded Peter Simonenko.