Svitolina has recorded a nice video with her boyfriend

Свитолина записала милое видео со своим парнем

The first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina from Odessa (seventh position in the world ranking female) is enjoying a nascent relationship with 32-year-old French tennis player Gael the Gael.

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After defeating Victoria Kuzmova, which brought Elina to the third round of the Australian Open, the Ukrainian admitted that he met with the Gael. Just as soon as the lovers have created a page on Instagram named G. E. M. S., which has two thousand subscribers, and placed it on a funny video.

Also Elina and Gael visited together at the birthday party of Ukrainian coach Andy Bettles, which on January 18 was 26 years old, and then went to the store, where Monfils showed their dancing skills.

Earlier, after the match in the second round of the Australian Open, where Svitolina has confirmed that meets the Gael.

“Gael supports me and I support it. I hope in the future you will see its not just my box, but on the coaching court. We both know what has to go to each of us, and it’s great. Indeed, we meet,” he said.

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Publication of G. E. M. S ( 17 Jan 2019 10:49 PST