Svitolina has established a record of Ukraine

Свитолина установила рекорд Украины

The best tennis player of Ukrainian Elina Svitolina set a record among Ukrainian athletes by the number of victories in the matches of the main draw of the Australian Open, reports the observer.

For the 24-summer inhabitant of Odessa the victory in the 1/16 finals of the open championship of Australia on Chinese Zhang Shuai became the 14th in Melbourne. For this indicator, the Ukrainian surpassed his famous compatriot Andrei Medvedev.

Свитолина установила рекорд Украины

Just on account Svitolina 45 victories in majors: 14 (Australian Open) + 15 (Roland Garros) + 5 (tube) + 11 (US Open). In the historical ranking of the best results of Ukraine Elina behind the leading Andrew Medevedeva 20 victories.