Suprun said, it is impossible to wash down medicines

Супрун рассказала, чем нельзя запивать лекарства

And than you have to?

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun gave a number of tips on how to make medications are most effective.

Corresponding post published on her page on the social network Facebook on Sunday, 27 January, reports

According to her, it is best to wash down drugs with water. If there is no water, you can drink lukewarm tea. For most drugs it doesn’t matter, but it is best to still water.

“Water is a win-win. It is better to drink a full glass. This will improve the absorption of drugs,” says Suprun.

It is also reported that if a medication says “take with food”, this means that along with food or within 30 minutes after.

According to Suprun, it is not necessary to wash down medicines sodas, especially if the drug should be drunk on an empty stomach. These drugs must be least to be in an acidic medium, and sweet drinks just sour. Medicines it is better not to drink coffee. In addition, coffee is forbidden to use simultaneously with the ephedrine, it may too much to stimulate the heart.

“Coffee is better not to drink, though simply a universal prohibition. Caffeine may interact with some drugs that are destroyed by the same system of disposal, and coffee. Therefore, their simultaneous consumption will lead to the fact that blood will be a lot of caffeine and drugs. Read the instructions carefully and do not drink drugs along with coffee, if this is forbidden,” says Suprun.

As noted by the acting Minister of health, if the medication says “take with food”, this means that along with food or within 30 minutes after.

Dairy products may interfere with the absorption of antibiotics ciproflaxin or normaxin. Suprun advice in case of taking antibiotics to consume dairy products at least two hours later.

“Some drugs (e.g., risedronate – for the treatment of osteoporosis) interact with calcium ions and iron. Therefore, they can only drink water and take on an empty stomach” – says Suprun.

The official also writes that it is not necessary to increase the dose – more is not better.

“If you love grapefruit and are taking medications, check their compatibility. Grapefruits and a number of fruit affect the bioavailability of some medications, causing side effects,” said Suprun.

According to her, the safe dose of alcohol does not exist, and to wash down medications with alcohol should not be.

Suprun also writes that sometimes the pills are hard to swallow. The reason is the so-called dysphagia.
“In this case, the fault is not the medications themselves, and a certain disruption of the muscles or nerves of the pharynx, perhaps even enlargement of the thyroid gland. If you find it difficult to swallow the medication, inform your doctor. You should find out why. Also ask them to prescribe medication in a different form: drops or powder. Finally, if hard to swallow a pill, pound it into powder or make into pieces. Remember, capsules not to crush. For proper absorption of the drug is important a wafer,” said Suprun.