Suprun proposed to legalize marijuana

Супрун предложила легализовать марихуану

Cannabis has many proven therapeutic and palliative effects

The head of the Ministry of health Suprun said that cannabis (the official name of marijuana – ed.) can be used for medical and scientific purposes, based on similar experiences in many countries of the world.

On his page in Facebook the Minister stressed that medical cannabis can ease the suffering of patients and to normalize the condition with a number of serious diseases, reports

“Medical cannabis has many proven therapeutic and palliative effects, and allowed, for example, in 25 US States, Australia, Canada, using long been settled in many European countries. In Israel, Romania, Macedonia, and Puerto Rico cannabis is prohibited, but permitted in cases of incurable diseases,” she said.

According to Suprun, Ukraine the use of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes is completely prohibited. However, the drug is able to ease the pain of two million patients with serious diseases and disorders. The Minister added that the Council website has registered a petition to amend legislation that will allow Ukraine to legalize medical cannabis.

Suprun noted that this drug is used in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, stomach ulcers and several other ailments. She stressed that medical cannabis not only relieves pain syndrome patients, but also helps to cure some serious diseases.

We will remind, several months before the decision to sell marijuana as the drug took the UK authorities.

As you know, medical cannabis has in its composition of THC (THC), which gives a narcotic effect.