Suprun has told how to reduce the unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption

Супрун поведала, как уменьшить неприятные последствия употребления алкоголя

Suprun gave advice to the Ukrainians so as to minimise the harm from alcohol.

About it the acting Minister of health of Ukraine wrote on his Facebook page.

To minimize the harm from drinking alcohol you need to drink more water and do not mix alcohol with soda.

According to the official, there is no scientific evidence that activated charcoal helps with the hangover. The most effective ways to reduce harm from alcohol is to drink more water, do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach and don’t mix it with carbonated beverages. It is noted that alcohol in combination with soda absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, so it is possible to get drunk faster. It’s better to mix alcohol with fruit juices or water.

“There is a small clinical study, which indicates the absence of any effect (use activated charcoal before a meal). Study participants had twice taken the same dose of ethanol. Before the second time they took activated charcoal. Interestingly, after the use of activated carbon, the concentration of alcohol in the blood remained the same as without it. This is because alcohol is very rapidly absorbed in the stomach, and generally the coal does not absorb it,” wrote Suprun.

We will remind as earlier it was reported, Suprun explained that magnetic storms are not associated with headache and increased blood pressure.