Summed up the work of the Parliament in 2018

 Подведены итоги работы парламента в 2018 году

200 hours of debate and almost 470 legislative initiatives. These are the results of work of the Parliament in 2018. According to the Secretariat, the parliamentary faction has put forward 280 bills. Most of all – 119 – registered members of the democratic party. The following is the socialist faction, who proposed 46 projects. The Communists registered a 21 initiative, a group of people-European party – 13. On account of the liberal Democrats – six sentences, independents nine.

And 52 of legislative initiative was signed by representatives of all parliamentary factions. The government has sent to deputies for consideration 158 bills the President – 28.

Last year for representation and discussion of the projects, the deputies stood on the Central podium 118 times. And for all four years of the Parliament of the 20th convocation held 173 plenary session – is more than 950 hours of debate.