Such dirty elections, cynically violating the law in Ukraine was not yet ex – MP

Таких грязных выборов, цинично нарушающих закон, в Украине еще не было – экс-народный депутат

In violation of all laws, election campaigning started in Ukraine long before the start of the election campaign.

About this on air of the program “Right to vote” on ГолосТV said MP of Ukraine 3-4 convocations, the former head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on defense and national security George Hooks.

First in Ukraine we never had such elections, which would be carried out in such a cynical violation of the laws, said G. Kryuchkov.

The ex-MP said that the election campaign started in Ukraine long before the start of the election campaign. This is a direct violation of the law, when on all levels, presidential candidates began to actively campaign for themselves long before the election campaign.

“When there was the nomination of the President, the forum was made by the attorney General, at the time, as the law prohibits campaigning with government representatives. Such dirty elections we have not been. All elections in Ukraine differed intraspecific combat, but this shameless mudslinging each other, in the same way as now, not yet. The Constitution of the country trampled, it doesn’t work”, – said G. Kryuchkov.

The former MP drew attention to the fact that in Ukraine, unfortunately, there is no political culture. Let’s see what Tymoshenko says about the President. At such a high level of sound dirty, rinse and all.

“Politicians of such level it is necessary to choose expressions in the framework of decency and tolerance”, – said G. Kryuchkov.