Stylist Melania Trump told about the work with the first lady

Stylist Melania Trump told about the work with the first lady
Stylist Melania Trump told about the work with the first lady
The first lady of the USA always appears in public with an ideal styling – the hair of Melania Trump literally glows with healthy radiance and seems, as in that advertisement, shiny and silky. In many ways, thanks to the personal stylist Melania, who has been wooing her hairstyles for more than ten years.

In 1989, Mordechai Elwaw flew out of his native Israel, where he served in the army and the Air Force, to Los Angeles to fulfill his American dream.

It was the 80’s, when everyone was inspired by the style of rockers with such long curly hair. I remember watching a video clip of one of the then popular rock bands and I said to myself, “OK, I’ll go to Los Angeles, and I’ll do hairstyles for such music videos.”

During the first six months in the city, he earned a living by helping stylists on the set of videos of Is This Love, Whitesnake (he was responsible for the volume ringlets of vocalist David Coverdale).

Who would have thought that after 29 years Elvau would work in a field as far from sexual, causing clips of the 80s. He became the personal hairdresser of the first lady of the USA Melania Trump, the wife of the most ambiguous president in modern history. It is Mordechai responsible for laying Melania, with which she appears at all major events, including during international travel and government receptions. For a woman who has largely managed to keep the details of her life secret to the public, Elwau is one of the few people who stayed in the narrow circle of those close to Melania.

Often Mordechai is criticized by his friends for the fact that he has been working for so many years on “dubious people”. The same pressure is felt and makeup artist Ivanka Trump Alex Rodolfo, who is a Mexican immigrant. For all critics, he has one answer: to each his own.

That’s why I prefer to live in this country. Freedom of speech is very important, whether you like it or not. We all have a choice, and everything will be ok as long as we respect each other.

Elwau has been working with Mrs. Trump for 12 years, since Japanese Vogue sent him to Mar-a-Lago (president’s estate) to do the laying of the ex-model for her wedding ceremony in late 2005.

At that time, everyone knew her simply as the wife of Donald Trump. I remember our first meeting with her. Melania was very impressed with how I made her styling, and she asked me if she could regularly call me. Of course, I could not refuse.

It took some six months for Mrs. Trump to become one of the most recognizable women on earth, but Elvau says that he did not feel any change at all (except that now he goes straight to the White House or to five-star hotels, while the first lady is behind boundary).

Due to the fact that we have known each other for a very long time, we have developed a warm and trusting relationship.

Elwau was not just the first hairdresser in Melania, he became her business partner. The young man worked with a Slovenian native over the skin care line, which they suddenly decided to liquidate before the election (apparently, in the higher circles worried about the image of the first lady).

Mordechai says that during his styling sessions he and Trump talk about hair, fashion, energy, spirituality (he practices Kabbalah), exercises and food. And yes, there are times when the conversation turns into a political channel.

I’m not one of those who adore talking about it, but sometimes the head of Melania is so stuffed with these things that I’m ready to support the conversation, but I never impose my opinion. Recently we talked about the Trump Be Best initiative (“Be the best”) – this is a campaign to raise awareness about programs that provide children with the tools and skills necessary for emotional, social and physical health. She told me about the goals of the project and why it is so important to her.

For a woman who appears on the world’s summits for $ 50,000, Melanie’s hair care products are surprisingly inexpensive. Elvau uses the means of his own brand Yarok Hair. According to him, Melania particularly likes an organic indelible conditioner for shine with beet root, rosemary and melissa, mousse for volume with starch and a strong hair lacquer with sugar cane. Each of these products costs less than $ 20.

According to Mordechai, Trump is a woman who knows exactly what she should look like. Melanie staining is called “American balayage.” Total: 92 dollars for styling products, $ 125 for a haircut, $ 115 for staining and $ 70 for styling.

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