Student killed himself after big play

 Студент покончил с собой после того, как крупно проигрался

23-the summer student of the Bauman MSTU]. Bauman killed himself after losing big betting. To the rates guy was addicted after the world Cup, but due to the constant bad luck I was forced to go into debt, said the public “Bad news”.

Until recently, the life of a 23-year-old Nikita Marchenko were very well developed — he studied in MSTU. Bauman played for the volleyball team of the University. Besides, soon the guy was going to marry his girlfriend. But a few months before the tragic events in the life of Nikita was a major nuisance: he hurt his foot and could no longer play volleyball,reports LIFE.

Nikita began to look for other ways of earning and, as he himself seemed, found — he began to bet on sports. As can be seen from the suicide note of a student, first tote it is not delayed, losing a small amount, he calmed down. But then Nikita had some of Kira, who persuaded him to play again, claiming to know the outcome of the match. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fraud.

“And then I have no money. Wedding soon, no salaries. That’s where it began. Became to borrow. And began to put”

In sum, the guy gave her 52 thousand rubles, but did not stop there — continue to make bets in the hope to win. Eventually the guy got into debts that seemed overwhelming. And in the end the guy decided to commit suicide, leaving a note that accused the leadership of a sports club in the non-payment of wages — more than a million rubles.

“This money would solve all problems, but the club likes to cheat and steal. The weakness of the spirit? Yes. But this inhuman attitude killed me”

Is that true on the debt of the club before the athlete is still unknown. However, this is not going to help the guy. On the page dedicated to the volleyball team Bauman, has already appeared on behalf of the group.

“Yesterday was not Nikita Marchenko… One of us… a Trusted friend, a faithful companion and a good man… He was 23 years old…Very strange and scary when people go into full bloom… good on you, Nikita…” 
 Студент покончил с собой после того, как крупно проигрался