Strange octopus on the ocean floor shocked Network (VIDEO)

Странный осьминог на дне океана шокировал Сеть (ВИДЕО)

In a Network there was video where the octopus of the unusual shape leaned against a plant on the ocean floor. After a moment, the creation of a “transformed” into the plant behind him. Octopus dissolved in water.

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An amazing video was published on December 16. It has looked 14 thousand people. Some commentators have suggested that it looks like alien life. All scared if scientists discovered something similar in the thickness of Arctic ice. But these creatures live in our time, quietly inhabit the ocean; they are caught by fishermen and sent to Japanese restaurants.

Also some people began to wonder about the huge monster that is also able to camouflage in the depths of the ocean like an octopus. Scientists may not notice the giant, but it exists…

Meanwhile, American aquarium, the female octopus gave birth to the ten thousand young.