Storm in Hawaii: a 20-metre wave and snowfall (VIDEO)

Шторм на Гавайях: 20-метровые волны и снегопады (ВИДЕО)

A powerful winter storm brought to Hawaii 20-foot waves and snowfalls in mountainous areas.

About it reports “Correspondent”.

In the storm broken dozens of trees and ripped power lines. The utility pole fell on one of the cars. The driver was lucky – he got minor injuries.

The local zoo has complained that the wind had damaged the cells, as a result, we ran a few exotic birds.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, the plane in the Magadan tried to sit in the storm: the network got unique shots.

It was also reported, as a result of snow storm in France, tens of thousands of homes were left without electricity.

And also, in the United States due to winter storm “Jaden” three people were killed.