State statistics published the rating of products, which above all rose (PHOTO)

Госстат обнародовал рейтинг продуктов, которые более всего подорожали (ФОТО)

The state statistics service released monthly monitoring of food prices in Ukraine in September.

This was reported on the website of the state statistics.

So, last month the prices for most foodstuffs have remained stable something cheaper, such as autumn vegetables. Something more expensive (millet and semolina grits, chicken).

However, price changes over the past month that do not reflect the real picture of consumer inflation. If you compare the September figures with the figures of the end of last year, the situation looks different. Over the past 9 months in Ukraine were imitated all except buckwheat, sugar, eggs and apples.

However, some food items have increased in price more than 30%. Stronger just went up vegetables “borsch set”: cabbage, onions, and carrots. And this despite the fact that in September they lost a little in price because of the high season.

Also, earlier it was reported that a kilo of onions please from 7 to 10 UAH, depending on size, which is twice more than last year.

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