State of emergency in Berdyansk: no water left half of the city

ЧП в Бердянске: без воды осталось полгорода

Do not work schools and kindergartens

In Berdyansk because of an accident on the manifold were left without water half of the city. For this reason, on January 29 will not work schools and kindergartens in lower and upper parts of the town.

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In the city on Sunday, January 27, accident with the collapse (in four places) on the trunk sewer. He transportorul up to 80% sewage of the entire city. The manifold is made of reinforced concrete pipes and put into operation in 2002.

The accident occurred as a result of gas corrosion top of the arch manifold. Night emergency service manual Berdyanskaya began repair work.

To repair the damage, it was decided to stop the flow of water in the mountainous part of the city, “Liski”, the Central part, in the neighborhoods of the suburb, Colony, Resort and KOs.

For elimination of accident, you need to repair the piping length of 159 meters (diameter 800 mm). This is complicated by the fact that the collector is located at a depth of 5 meters.

To provide the residents of Berdyansk drinking water, drive her car, the SES and the military.. Just delivered to 42,000 liters of water.