Sponsors Murewa and “Our” were Fuchs and Shatvoryan

Спонсорами Мураева и телеканала «Наш» оказались Фукс и Шатворян

The TV channel “Our”, which belongs to MP Eugene Muraev, funded by entities associated with the Russian businessman Paul Fuchs and the former people’s Deputy-the regional Vilene with Zatvorenom, who previously was an aide to Viktor Yanukovych Junior.

This is on the condition of anonymity said one of the employees of the TV channel Evgeniy murayev “Our”.

According to them, Vilene Shatvoryan often on TV. “Inspects as being work, purchased equipment,” the source said on the TV channel “Our”.

Unwillingness to provide this information could cause failure of the National Council on television and radio broadcasting, in renewal of license to change the program concept and logo of the channel. In the official report of the national Council indicates that “in the provided channel a is of the form №3 on the list of related persons.”

As reported by the media, Russian Pavel Fuchs relates to the financing Murewa.

As for Vilena Shatvoryan, who was first assistant to Viktor Yanukovych Junior and then national Deputy from the Party of Regions, and Musaevym they are familiar since the MP of the 6th convocation. Vilena Shatvoryan also, the media has repeatedly been accused of working for the Russian Federation and financing the separatist groups in the Donbass.

In addition, the results of unscheduled inspection of OOO “Our Prague” (the owner of the broadcasting license of the channel “Maxi TV”, on the basis of which E. Moore created the TV channel “Our”), the national Council on 6 December issued a warning for failure to comply with the terms of the license.

We will remind, according to the State register of individuals and legal entities-entrepreneurs, the beneficial owner of the company “Our Prague” is the father of the people’s Deputy Vladimir Evgeniy murayev Moore.

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