Spoke in Russian and swearing: Avakov scored at the Congress “people’s front” (VIDEO)

Говорил по-русски и ругался матом: Аваков отличился  на съезде «Народного фронта» (ВИДЕО)

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov at the party Congress of the popular front were told about the program of the party for the parliamentary elections. In a network there was a short video of his speech in Russian with the use of foul language.

Writes about this Country.

“Our program is simple. I’ll try to articulate it in one paragraph. Ukraine is Europe, the EU and NATO. Russia – the aggressor. Putin – x@lo”, – said Avakov. The delegates this program is like, they responded with laughter and applause.

“In domestic policy: social market economy, strategy for economic breakthrough of modern culture that mobilizes the nation, the emphasis on a strong army and law enforcement agencies, reintegration and de-occupation of occupied territories, fair trial, and, of course, the Foundation of the entire modern system of education,” he said.