Spain neutralized the gang stole 25 million euros

 В Испании обезвредили группировку, похитившую 25 миллионов евро

Criminal group engaged in fraud by sending fake letters with the requirement to transfer funds into bogus Bank accounts have been cleared in Spain.

Its victims of steel companies in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and China. Revealed more than thirty cases of fraud, the damage is estimated at 25 million euros, at least 600 thousand euros in Spain. The investigation suggests that the victims were more spoken in the message of the National police,reports RIA Novosti.

Arrested ten persons are citizens of Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Spain. They were charged with belonging to a criminal group, fraud, cyber attacks, forging documents and money laundering. 16 blocked Bank accounts.

The suspects used three method of fraud – sent a “Nigerian letter” posing as executives asked employees of the financial departments to carry out urgent translations, we used the method of “man in the middle” (Man in the middle — type of attack in cryptography when an attacker changes the relationship between the two parties, who believe that they communicate with each other).

Receiving transfers on accounts opened in false documents, or they took money out in cash or transferred to accounts in other EU countries, where after the translation return the money to Spain, or sent money to the account of the company, registered in Spain and delivers the goods to Nigeria, laundering, thus, money.

During the search discovered contacts 500 thousand Spanish companies, as well as about thousands of emails with access codes.The group was active for three years.