Some of the objects of privatization need to sell parts, not to preserve the monopoly – the economist

Некоторые объекты приватизации нужно продавать частями, чтобы не законсервировать монополию - экономист

Some objects (in particular, “Centrenergo”) Large-scale privatization can not sell single units, so as to preserve a monopoly in the relevant market.

About it the comment to the correspondent, ГолосUA said economist Boris Kushniruk.

“The issue is that we have some enterprises that should be privatized. If small and medium privatization, the government withdrew at a fairly high pace, when it comes to large-scale privatization, each big enterprise “artificial”, it should be considered separately. And each has its own history and problems. As for the “Tsentrenergo”, then I claim, and they relate not so much of a legal entity, as that that this year we are launching the electricity market, and “Centrenergo” is an enterprise which produces electric power regulatory capacity. We have only two companies that form the lion’s share of them,” – said the economist.

According to Boris Kushniruk, it’s “DTEK” Akhmetov, and “Centrenergo”.

“Because in order to stimulate competition, when we open the electricity market, need to sell this object as three separate stations. That is, selling a single entity is erroneous. Because we have a monopoly on this market and if we sell it as a single object, we zakonserviruem a monopoly on this market. And then we will think what to do. In General, to sell in principle easy, but with the sale then you may experience problems,” he said.

We will remind, the state property Fund and the international monetary Fund discussed the possibility of solving problems that block the process of privatization.