Solar Eclipse January 6: what are the risks and how to survive

 Солнечное затмение 6 января: чем грозит и как пережить

Solar and lunar eclipses play a significant role in astrological predictions. The days of eclipses is often noted in historical Chronicles the events that turned the course of history.

2019 will begin with an Eclipse of the Sun – 6 Jan. Experts told how to spend the day and not run into trouble, reports UNIAN.

Astrological features of a solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse of January 6 will be partial – that is, the disk of the moon just a little cover from the Sun. But the energy surge is an astronomical phenomenon, however, would entail very significant. The reason for this is the features of Eclipse.

Sign of the zodiac in which the Sun at the time of the Eclipse – Capricorn. The impact energy of the Eclipse is particularly strong the day before the event and during the week after it.

Solar Eclipse January 6, 2019 will start at 05:28 on Moldova. It will see the inhabitants of North-East Asia (including Japan, North and South Korea and Eastern China), the North Pacific ocean and the far South-West of Alaska, the Far East of Russia (except for Northern and North-Western regions), and East of Mongolia.

The situation in January will be complicated the upcoming “corridor of eclipses”. The first Eclipse – the sun – will be held on January 6, and the second – lunar – 21 Jan.

The period between eclipses will be the most difficult. These days may be taken any unfavorable fateful decision. It was in this period not to take important decisions and not to take serious action that may largely determine developments in the future.

In January, it will be difficult to control your actions, because it is highly possible impulsive actions, serious mistakes committed due to haste. In particular this can occur during periods of eclipses, that is, 3-9 January 18-24 January. In the period of solar Eclipse January 6, experts advise to trust more your intuition.

That is strongly not recommended to do during an Eclipse

Trip and travel at this time will be dangerous, it is also desirable to manage any transport.

Important decisions and attempt to change the life at this time will be not only useless but harmful for your life.

Does not clarify the relationship with someone, and don’t change the cool personal life (wedding, engagement, divorce, transition to a new level and so on).

Avoid major purchases and major financial transactions.

Try to avoid large crowds and do not get involved in any conflicts, because they are able to develop into something more.

Eclipse isn’t necessarily a bad phenomenon, because it carries a lot and useful. To be a little more enterprising, you can make a huge difference.

Your main task at this time is to keep your nervous system and calm yourself. Events of any Eclipse, whether Solar or lunar, are of a momentous character. And though some moments may seem insignificant, in fact they set the General mood of the future. Therefore, it is important somewhere to fix the main events of this period, and then carefully analyze them and consider the possible outcome. So you can correct bad change and increase the effect of good consequences.

Very good and useful to do meditation and to learn different affirmations (short addressing and encouraging words). This will help you to stay calm and find harmony within yourself. In addition, these spiritual practices are a good way to show the Universe what you want and what you dream about.